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Vitargo S2 Carb Powder

Vitargo S2 Carb Powder


Vitargo - The best carbohydrate in the world

Vitargo is a revolutionary life source of energy that is used amongst Olympic athletes, medical professionals and millions of people wanting to improve their health, fitness and appearance goals.

Vitargo is a patented carbohydrate with unique properties to give an effective loading of easily accessible muscle energy in the body.

Vitargo efficency

Clinical studies show that Vitargo is...

  1. Restoring muscle glycogen 70 % faster
  2. Leaving stomach 80 % faster
  3. Leaving stomach 130 % faster within 10 minutes
  4. Boosting performance 23 % greater
  5. Turning off muscle protein breakdown 78 % greater within 10 minutes

Comparing carbohydrates Chart

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