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Re-Fuel is a breakthrough recovery and endurance sports drink designed to take your post training and recovery experience further than your typical BCAA products. Taken immediately following training, Re-Fuel delivers high doses of key clinically backed ingredients designed to increase protein synthesis, trigger anabolic activity within muscles, decrease muscle soreness, enhance blood flow and shuttle out harmful waste helping you to truly recover faster and come back stronger.

Re-Fuel contains 4 grams of fermented Leucine in every single serving which has been shown to directly increase protein synthesis and inhibit muscle breakdown through the activation of the mTOR pathway. Furthermore this precise dose of Leucine has been shown to enhance strength when combined with a proper training program. These effects are further enhanced by the inclusion of L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate which has been shown to increase the amount of androgen receptors within the muscle cells and boost nitric oxide (NO) levels as well as Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate which can decrease muscle protein catabolism (breakdown) and increase amino acids and glucose uptake into the muscles helping to speed up muscle recovery.

Re-Fuel’s unique blend of key amino acids, electrolytes and herbal extracts help aid in muscle hydration, inhibit muscle and joint pain and deliver an increased mood and sense of well-being post workout. This one-of-a-kind revolutionary product is quickly becoming the preferred choice of bodybuilders and athletes alike for keeping their muscles functioning at optimal levels so they can perform at their best in order to exceed their competition. Experience Re-Fuel for yourself and feel the difference of science and innovation.

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