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Carnivor- Muscle Meds BEEF Protein Isolate 4.6lbs

Carnivor- Muscle Meds BEEF Protein Isolate 4.6lbs


The World’s First and #1 Selling Beef Protein Isolate

It has long been known that bodybuilders and strength athletes consume high amounts of beef to help build muscle and increase strength. The muscle building power of beef cannot be disputed. Ask most any bodybuilder and they will tell you that they make their biggest muscle gains and feel their strongest when they eat beef. Now, thanks to the development of an advanced bioengineered beef protein, MuscleMeds has formulated a highly anabolic muscle building protein. CARNIVOR is unlike any other protein supplement in existence. In fact, it’s proven by clinical research to build muscle mass and increase strength. CARNIVOR was the first beef protein on the market and continues to be the #1 selling Beef Protein Isolate on the planet!

Research Tested To Build Muscle Mass & Strength!

New research substantiates what we knew all along… Beef builds muscle and strength! A new clinical study presented at the 2015 International Society of Sport Nutrition (ISSN) conference in Austin, Texas showed that hard training athletes supplementing with CARNIVOR Beef Protein Isolate (BPI) gained an average of 4.6 lbs. of muscle mass, while increasing strength. Researchers gave test subjects CARNIVOR Beef Protein Isolate (BPI) daily for 8 weeks while exercising 5 days weekly. Athletes taking CARNIVOR BPI added an impressive 5.7% average increase in lean body mass. In contrast, the placebo group did not significantly improve their body mass from baseline, and the whey group saw an increase of just 4.7%.


The study also showed that CARNIVOR BPI supplementation significantly increased deadlift and bench press strength over baseline. Test subjects increased their average deadlift strength by over 90 lbs. and more than 40 lbs. for the bench press. These impressive findings clinically validate the muscle and strength building power of CARNIVOR pure Beef Protein Isolate.


Research clearly shows that CARNIVOR’s pure BPI alone produces amazing results. But CARNIVOR is more than just BPI. This powerful muscle building protein is packed with creatine and BCAAs for increased anabolism, plus it boasts the innovative Anabolic Nitrogen Retention Technology to recycle amino acids and reduce toxic metabolic by-products. That means even greater muscle and strength building potential!

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