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BPI - Best Glutamine (50 Servings)

BPI - Best Glutamine (50 Servings)


Essential Amino Acid for Intense Training
  • Promotes Recovery*
  • Supports Lean Muscle*
  • Promotes Glycogen Replenishment*
Why is Best Glutamine™ Better:
Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid (a building block for proteins) in the body, and one of the best supplements for promoting recovery and lean muscle building. Strenuous exercise can lower glutamine levels causing stress to the body and immune system. However, with proper glutamin supplementation you can help your body recover and rebuild faster. Best Glutamine™ is designed to prevent protein catabolism (the breakdown of muscle proteins) and support your efforts to train harder and longer. Best Glutamine™ combines 6 advanced forms of glutamine and is designed to promote a rapid rise in cellular glutamine levels and glutamine stores in muscle. Best Glutamine™ comes in delicious flavors to support recovery and promote lean muscle.*

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