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Husband vs Wife Shoulder Workout

Here is what happens when my wife and I workout together, neither one knows when to quit and we leave with our arms numb.

  • Hammer Strength Military press 4 sets of 8 to 12 rep range followed by a quadruple drop set all until failure.
  • 4 sets heavy side lateral raises super set with bottom half rep pulses until failure
  • Image result for side lateral raise
  • 4 sets Seated triple raise combo 10 reps side lateral finishing in front (like a combo of a side delt and a front raise), 10 reps side lateral raises, 10 reps front raises (never put the weight down) see video on Instagram @GYMRATSUPPLEMENTS
  • 4 sets Heavy Front Raises 8-12 reps range
  • 4 sets Arnold presses 8-12 rep range
  • 4 sets cable rear delt pulls 10-15reps
  • 4 sets rear facing machine military presses until failure, last set after each rep do 10 top half pulses


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