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Chest Workout March 12th

Here is Today's Chest Workout: Incline Barbell bench press 2 warm up sets 15 to 20 reps, 4 sets 8 - 12 reps Flat Dumbbell bench press 4 sets 8 - 12 reps Hammer Strength Bench press sitting side ways on the machine to focus on inner cheat wall 4 sets 12 - 15 reps Incline dumbbell flies super set with close grip incline dumbbell press 4 sets 8 flies then presses until failure Bottom cable Flies 4 sets 12 - 15 reps 4 sets body weight dips until failure 30 sec rests between sets 4 sets pec deck machine...

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Husband vs Wife Shoulder Workout

Here is what happens when my wife and I workout together, neither one knows when to quit and we leave with our arms numb. Hammer Strength Military press 4 sets of 8 to 12 rep range followed by a quadruple drop set all until failure. 4 sets heavy side lateral raises super set with bottom half rep pulses until failure 4 sets Seated triple raise combo 10 reps side lateral finishing in front (like a combo of a side delt and a front raise), 10 reps side lateral raises, 10 reps front raises (never put the weight down) see video...

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Back Blast Feb 20th

Today's Back Workout: 4 Sets Wide grip chin ups all until failure 8 sets 8-12 rep range T-Bar rows Pyramid up Standard grip 4 sets then pyramid down underhand grip 4 sets 3 sets High row hammer strength machine   3 sets narrow grip hammer strength rows 8-12 reps 3 sets behind the head lat pull downs light weight 15 reps 3 sets of 12 cable straight bar front pulls 3 sets standing high rope rows (split face) 12-15reps 3 sets standing rope upright rows 12-15 reps

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Boulder Shoulders

Shoulder Blast:     Hammer Strength Military Press 6 sets until failure increase weight first 5 sets then drop weight for last set shooting for 20 reps. Cable side lateral raises 4 sets first cable in front super set with cable behind all until failure 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps upright row narrow grip 4 sets 10 to 12 reps seated front dumbbell raise  4 sets 10 to 12 reps lying rear delt dumbbell raises 3 sets Arnold presses all until failure

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High Volume Leg Toning Workout

Every Lady out there wants toned legs, give this high volume leg day a try. Cardio legs  25 jumping squats 25 pulse squats 25 step up on each leg 25 Bulgarian split squats per leg 25 forward lunges per leg 50 plea squats 25 reverse lunges each leg 50 butt blasters Take 2 min break and repeat two more times:) Goal is to complete 3 rounds in 30 min

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