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Power Lifting


A small post written by national power lifter Alfred Jong.  Alfred placed 3rd at the 2015 National championships in the 66kg class. He currently holds the provincial record for bench, deadlift and overall total for the 59kg open class, and is preparing for the 2016 world championships in Texas.

The Ultimate Strength Program

What is the best program for powerlifting? There are hundreds of programs out there that are easily accessible online. Most of which are free! But which program is the best one? Wendler’s 531? Sheiko? Candito’s Strength Program? Or the infamous Smolov squat program? The best program for your gains is…ALL OF THEM! Although each program is uniquely different from the next, all of them serve their own purpose. There is no "bad" program per se. There are programs that are more optimal than others, however, they all work. The program that is best for you, is the program that you adhere to. Jumping from program to program, month to month, will make it extremely difficult for an individual to achieve desirable results. This is because they are not giving their body the adaptations it needs to grow stronger. The body needs time for it to adapt and grow from the stimulus (weights) that you put it through. Simply switching things up and "confusing" the body will only hinder your performance as a strength athlete. The term "confusing the body" comes from older generations of body building, where the individual performs different exercises, with different weights on different days, and consistently changes the order from day to day. The purpose was to prevent muscles from adapting to one single stimulus, which would result in continuous growth. There is some truth to that. However, the alternating variable should be the volume (weights x reps x sets) while performing a consistent exercise routine daily or weekly. Each program has its own unique method of undulating the periodization in order to build more strength. In short, if you find a program that appeals to you, ride it out! The gains will come, but only if you give them enough time and effort!


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