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IFBB Pro Troy Brown on Cheat Meals

Hi everyone, 


Since we are on the subject of staying lean this summer I wanted to sure my views on cheat meals. I know in Canada I hear a lot about people doing cheat days. Me personally I am not a fan of the cheat days. In this blog I am only going to address cheat meals. 


You can have a cheat meal if you really want to as much as twice a week (depending on the person) but spaced days apart (as in for example 1 on Wednesday and 1 on Sunday). However, YOU NEED to know to the following rules.

Troy's rules for cheat meal are as follows:

[Rule 1]
Never cheat when you are hungry! This one is so important! It is going to be far more likely to really overdo it if you're starved, so always have your clean food first. That way you wont go crazy with the junk food!

[Rule 2]
Always make sure that you include a good source of protein with your cheat meal. More important eat the protein first before eating anything else.  

While you can have the food you are craving, stick with something like a piece of chicken or fish on the side. This way, you will do less damage to your body since your muscles will still have received the protein they need. 

[Rule 3]
Make sure that you're also making this a 'cheat meal' and not a cheat day. You aren't eating anything you want for ten hours at a time, but instead you are having one food that you particularly want. If it's a five guys burger with fires you're craving, have it. If it's ice cream that's been calling your name all week, have it.

After your cheat meal is done until next time, you must immediately jump back in the saddle into your clean foods!!

I hope this makes sense. 

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