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6 Steps For A Great Body By IFBB Pro Troy Brown

Six Steps For A Great Body By Troy Brown  By IFBB PRO Troy Brown  1. Persistence - In life, there are going to be ups and downs and achieving your dream body is no different. Having a never give up attitude is crucial. I think that persistence and patience go hand in hand in order to be the best you can be.  2. Vision - Have a clear plan of what you want with your physique. Then work on steps on how to get you there. Start to visualize your end result. Visualize winning or achieving your goal at night before you sleep and when you wake...

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Abs by fall by IFBB pro Troy Brown

Abs By Fall?? Here is how you do it! Even though you are in the gym doing exercises like crunches and leg raises to help strengthen and develop your abs, exercise alone isn't going to result in a more defined six pack. A thousand crunches and leg raises alone will not give you the abs you are looking for. If you want to see your abs, that's where your diet comes in!You need to shed that layer of fat covering your abs in order to see them, and that requires a lean diet.When you follow my clean eating plan, you...

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Power Lifting


A small post written by national power lifter Alfred Jong.  Alfred placed 3rd at the 2015 National championships in the 66kg class. He currently holds the provincial record for bench, deadlift and overall total for the 59kg open class, and is preparing for the 2016 world championships in Texas. The Ultimate Strength Program What is the best program for powerlifting? There are hundreds of programs out there that are easily accessible online. Most of which are free! But which program is the best one? Wendler’s 531? Sheiko? Candito’s Strength Program? Or the infamous Smolov squat program? The best program for...

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IFBB Pro Troy Brown on Cheat Meals

Hi everyone,    Since we are on the subject of staying lean this summer I wanted to sure my views on cheat meals. I know in Canada I hear a lot about people doing cheat days. Me personally I am not a fan of the cheat days. In this blog I am only going to address cheat meals.    You can have a cheat meal if you really want to as much as twice a week (depending on the person) but spaced days apart (as in for example 1 on Wednesday and 1 on Sunday). However, YOU NEED to know...

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